The Devil's Rock

At the heart of a medieval castle

On a rock thrown by the devil himself

Where all your wishes come true

..And one hell of a party

The Devil's rock

The devil is in the details, we mention him every day in colloquial language or send someone to him. Some say it’s just a fairy tale, others say the devil is waiting for us. No one really knows what it is, but the fact is that the devil has one of his properties in the Upper Savinja Valley.

In the town of Nazarje, there is a high rock in the middle of the castle courtyard, which the locals call Devil’s Rock. The devil’s rock is also accompanied by a very special devil. Whoever climbs it is said to be invisible to the devil for a year. How to interpret or take advantage of such invisibility is actually a matter for the individual, but the devil is certainly part of many entertaining stories from the valley.

With several intermediate stops in the most beautiful parts of the Upper Savinja Valley, the route from Ljubljana to the Devil’s Rock and back is perfect for anyone who wants an authentic Alpine experience in a slightly different way.

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Café and Ice Cream Shop Magnus

Cafe and ice cream shop Magnus enchants you with its warm atmosphere, wide range of desserts, ice creams and other delicious snacks. A lot of different coffees, hot chocolates and other beverages. The selection of various wines, beers and drinks will not leave you indifferent.

The medieval castle Vrbovec and the devil’s rock in the center of the castle, on which the terrace of the Magnus cafe and ice cream shop is located, offer a wonderful view of Nazarje, the Upper Savinjska valley and the surrounding Alps.

Visit us and indulge in royal indulgence in devilishly good vices!

Magnus Kavarna in sladoledarna
Kavarna in sladoledarna Magnus

Experience the Devil's rock

Beautiful location

Not only rich history and picturesque nature, one of the most recognizable elements of the Vrbovec Castle in Nazarje is the Devil’s Rock, which is a popular family excursion spot and a wonderful place for weddings. The Magnus Café and ice cream parlor gives modernity a touch of antiquity, which sets an example with its varied culinary and gastronomic offer and guarantees unconditional quality.


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Make your dreams come true

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